The winning union of four Italian brands

In 2021, four companies – Multiprint, Bontempi (a brand owned by I com), Ciao and MC Group – formed the Hit pool in order to cooperate and support their Italian spirit.
Our approach is totally new in the market since it unites historical Italian enterprises offering a mix of very different products”, points out Shirli Nathan, President of the Hit pool. “In Italy it is quite difficult to create this kind of association because other companies, even if not in direct competition, are always seen as potential threats. The companies taking part in Hit have instead opted for the ‘unity is strength’ saying and try to place their strong points and know-how at the other members’ disposal, aiming at growing together under the common umbrella of Italian enterprises”.

The four brands’ cooperation has at once proven to be winning, says Nathan: “First of all abroad, where, taking advantage of some companies’ stronger presence compared with others’, we are building a distribution network and bringing Italian brands all over Europe, with the strong desire to reach the whole world. Synergies as regards import and export, giving the opportunity to share tariffs and to consolidate transport, have also resulted highly useful in 2022, when shipment costs rose out of all proportion. In Italy too, we have assisted one another employing a company’s connections to introduce the other members if not already present. Furthermore, synergies emerged among the sales forces who showed mutual respect. It is a long road still but so far we can say we are satisfied”.