2018 Edition

What happened in 2018?

On this page you can find the best pictures from our 2018 edition, and the full list of exhibitors that contributed to the success of the entire event.




How did it go?

Toys Milano’s success firms up in 2018 by closing its third edition recording a remarkable growth: 115 Exhibitors and 1.482 visiting Buyers.

Given the growing numbers of the past three years, we can unquestionably argue that Toys Milano, whose third edition took place on May, 7th and 8th, it’s a winning event. A great total of 1.482 Buyers (+22% compared to 2017), 63 of which from foreign countries, visited the exhibition in order to get to know the latest novelties, get in contact, exchange information and to place orders for the incoming season.

Ready to welcome them were 115 exhibitors, belonging to the toy industry, carnival sector, party and childcare; the latest exceptionally represented by almost 20 firms and a wide range of products

Toys Milano also reaffirms its relevance in the licensing department, notably considering 30% of toys in Italy are produced under Licence. If little opportunities are commonly given during the year to meet with normal trader, retailer and mass distributors, Toys Milano gave the chance to set up dedicated areas where licensor could arrange business meeting and events aiming to share their Properties’ strategies and upcoming novelties.

Great interest arose from the rich workshop lineup, where communication experts, companies, retailers and shop owners took turns in the debate concerning the state-of-the-art in the field.





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