2020 Edition – Digital

Everything there is to know about our first digital edition.

On this page you can find the full list of exhibitors of Toys Milano PLUS, our first digital edition




How did it go?

Our first online edition took place between 25th May and 25th June, 2020. It was hosted on toysmilano.plus.

112 exhibitors presenting over 350 brands, 2.615 visits and 2.234 unique buyers (23% from outside of Italy) and a grand total of 34.403 pages loaded. These are the numbers of our first “special” edition on Toys Milano, designed to follow the new saftey rules put in place to face the medical emergency, and still allow us to follow through with such an important business moment; a whole month of digital event, easily browsable for all the business professionals of our worlds: toys, childcare and more.

Following the physical event footsteps, our first digital edition was enriched by a special section called Get Inspired, where Salone Internazionale del Giocattolo, supported by selected partners – Assogiocattoli, Milano Licensing Day, Internotrentatre, NPD, Kikilab and The Playful Living – offered formation, suggestions and in-depth analysis of hot topics for our business.





Get Inspired!

ASSOGIOCATTOLI NEWS & NOTES: The latest news from the Association on “hot” topics, like regulations, markets and industry-related events of interest. By Assogiocattoli

DESIGNING AROUND KIDS: Designing the shopping experience: from the product idea to the point-of-purchase storytelling. By Internotrentatre

DATA and SOLUTIONS for Better Business Decisions. By NPD

THE PLAYFUL LIVING: A way of conceiving spaces, commercial and living ones, focused on the well-being of the family system. In partnership with Creative Industries Lab by Politecnico di Milano