How Artificial Intelligence can reveal the real needs of your target audience

Monday, May 9 – 14:00 p.m. (Hall Space)



Who is Flowtech:

Flowtech is an Artificial Intelligence technology inspired by the human brain, able to understand natural language in a deep way, thanks to an analysis of contents and emotions expressed by a target through any channel: voice, mail, chat, reviews, surveys, virtual assistant, social, news and other contents and customer touch-points.
Flowtech allows to understand the deep needs of prospects and customers, to monitor in real time the perception of brands and services, and to anticipate behaviours, reducing customer care costs and increasing retention and customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence has set a new standard in data interpretation, and has made possible a range of business support tools that were previously unthinkable.

For example, A.I. allows us to understand the deep needs of customers (i.e. those that are not expressed directly), to predict behaviour and to understand the decision-making levers that influence actions and opinions.
The scheduled speech will illustrate how artificial intelligence allows an advanced analysis of the “voice of the customer”.