Innovation and sustainability in child-care products

Innovation is the main strength of Anteprima Brands: thanks to it, during the last ten years the company has stood out in the child-care products branch with its Nuvita-branded offer, receiving several important awards in Europe for “the category’s best product”.
The range includes 10 categories: pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding, baby bottles, soothers, oral care, wellbeing, hygiene, feeding, safety, outdoor accessories; each of them is represented by a top-of-the-line item with special features. Joining innovation and sustainability, in 2022 Anteprima Brands started employing recyclable raw materials and investing in the development of proper solutions in order to limit the impact both on environment and on people’s health.

CEO Marco Viale introduces the chief new products: “As to the pregnancy pillows line, the new model, DreamWizard, has memory-foam padding and is softer, more comfortable, transpiring and eco-friendly since it is recyclable. The stroller bags of the new Moovo line are equipped with R-PET paddings – recycled and endlessly recyclable – which guarantee exceptional thermal and transpiring performances while protecting the environment. The milk bottles, with anti-colic valve in the bottom and teat approved by the Italian Dentists Association, are now available in glass, and our electric breast pumps featuring the ‘Third Phase’ against the risk of breast engorgements are provided with a rechargeable lithium battery with the aim to reduce the use of disposable batteries. Furthermore, we have launched the ‘Smart Mother Ecosystem’, the first set of indirect breastfeeding tools and accessories that are perfectly compatible among them so avoiding the purchase of more products with similar or same functions by the parents. Less waste for the environment, more saving for the new families! Last but not least, the new audio and video baby monitors are fitted out with TULE (True Ultra Low Emission) technology in order to keep the electromagnetic waves emission levels – dangerous for the newborn babies’ health – very low. Less electromagnetic pollution at home, more health for children and family!”