Attipas for the natural growth of the children’s feet

A solution proposed by the Spanish company JoyKids, Attipas is a beginners’ shoe which respects the natural growth of the children’s feet. Millions of mothers the world over have already appreciated Attipas’ advantages. Professionals like pediatricians, podiatrists, pediatric physiotherapists and infant development experts suggest using Attipas for one of the most important growth stages in a child’s life: its first steps.“Attipas has just entered the Italian market but has done it strongly, since many Italian professionals start recommending these shoes to the parents for any occasion in a child’s life”, says Mara Meroni, Commercial Manager at JoyKids. “In fact, a child should be able to walk barefoot until he/she reaches a correct gait; in everyday life it is however difficult to allow him/her to always go barefoot. That is why Attipas, developed by the Seoul University scientists, was designed as a shoe that simply protects the child’s foot when the environment or the weather do not allow barefoot walking. Attipas respects and protects without interfering, while allowing a proper growth of the child’s foot, and offers freedom of movement, as if he/she were actually walking barefoot”.

Barefoot philosophy is being talked about in Italy too: “Our salesmen, who cover the whole national area, confirm there is interest in these new concepts focusing on wellbeing and respect for the children’s natural growth”, adds Meroni. Specifically, Attipas has developed collections meeting this market’s taste, because fashion and attention to beauty and details are essential elements in the small kids’ world as well”.