Beside the well-known cards: games and wooden items

An Italian brand with a national and international reputation as a leading manufacturer of playing cards, Dal Negro focuses on quality, care and attention when developing its products.
In the last few years we invested in the renewal and update of the equipment we employ in our production cycle and this allows us to always be in the forefront as to the creation and manufacturing of our playing cards and card games”, notes Paolo Lovo, Sales Manager (Italy). “At the same time we have extended the range of our FSC-certified wooden items addressing the Infant & Preschool category and revisited the graphic layout of our packagings which now stand out more clearly on the shelves, with plain information on all the product’s feature that the consumers showed to really appreciate. The ‘classic’ products of the Toys & Fun line, such as chess, draughts, jackstraws, tumbling tower, dominoes – a category where Dal Negro has always been a benchmark for the customers – underwent restyling both in the production materials and in the packings, highly appreciated as well. POP materials, attractive display stands and personalized shelves helped us be ever more present inside a large number of points of sale. Thanks to our playing cards we enter very different channels, like tobacconists, toy shops, mass market, stationery stores, department stores, an opportunity that other companies of the toy business cannot take advantage of”.

At the 2023 edition of Toys Milano Dal Negro will introduce the development of the Infant & Preschool line, now provided with a dedicated catalogue. “We will also exhibit the new DN Green-branded products and our new card games; inside this latter line we will propose titles for children, titles for teenagers and games for everybody”, announces Lovo. “Obviously, there will be launches relevant to the ‘classic’ board game line”.