Innovation and environmental awareness

Since 1920 Dino Bikes deals with the manufacturing and distribution of children’s and adults’ (Aurelia brand) bicycles. Its lines’ distribution extends to several European and non-EU markets.
“Our proposal is based on several strengths”, states Roberto Leone, Managing Director. “First of all, focus on system design production; then, making sure that products are in stock and that shipments are quick and methodically planned. Upstream there are market analysis, identification of the customers’ expectations and ongoing research in order to introduce innovative, ever more eco-friendly lines on the market. Furthermore, we engage in the products’ customization”.

Aiming at achieving growth, the company not only takes part in exhibitions and events looking for new markets but also employs various strategic and operational marketing tools: “We examine the demand’s trends, through focus groups as well, in order to detect the proper types of product”, says Leone. “We inform about the use of special parts and offer new packaging, in the light of the attention toward the green economy too”.