Online activity and Disney’s centenary

In the toy business since 2010, FunLab has kept on adding new brands in order to create a large and complete assortment, addressing children from birth till 14-years-old, with special attention for high quality and – recently – for green lines.
“What distinguishes us is the attention toward the customer in terms of price points, margin, product availability, fast shipment and aftersales support”, says Andrea Mantovani, commercial manager. “Our customers are highly loyal: those who start a collaboration with FunLab maintain it always increasing the SKUs in their offer. We strongly believe in the new ways of promoting products, i.e. the social platforms where FunLab is largely present, regularly cooperating with mum bloggers and toy business experts. We have built a thorough community which grows with us, providing positive feedback but also ameliorative comments, particularly as regards the proposals/products as they are launched”.

Increasing the number of eco-friendly products in their catalogues has represented the main innovation for the historic brands FunLab deals with: “For instance, we will introduce the Eco-Green versions of the Lena scooter and of the toy buckets/beach accessories and pick-ups”, announces Mantovani. “We also widened the offer of 4M products in Italian, increasing the selection from 60 to over 100 items: it remarkably spurred growth last year because it improved the products’ value and made them 100% enjoyable and playable by our consumers. The latest addition is the distribution of Bullyland, a brand that is going to be really interesting this year. It proposes very high-quality action figures, both licensed characters and animal miniatures. In 2023 Disney celebrates its centenary and the line devoted to the US group will be in the spotlight. We have already registered great interest and wider demand of Disney characters by our customers. The whole line will be supported by big events and social communication”