Playthings and entertainment

Since a few years, toy producer IMC Toys has added the role of developer of children’s entertainment contents.
“Such strategy will be followed in 2023 too, with the new series of Cry Babies Magic Tears, the BFF new season and the Metazells launch”, says Luca Di Puorto, Marketing Manager at IMC Toys Italy (in the picture), “In 2023, in view of last year’s difficulties, we have started restyling our offer in order to be more competitive while maintaining the appeal expected from a top player in the categories where we are present. We have renewed several of our brands to make them more attractive for the consumers, for instance restyling the products (no longer blind, but with visible characters) and new price positioning for our collectable range, Cry Babies Magic Tears which will have a new Stars-themed core line, and for the Bloopies, the only dolls that are fit for bathtime. In the second half of the year those price changes will be extended to our leading brand, Cry Babies (with the Stars theme as well) that will see the introduction of new products in lower, more accessible price points with smaller doll, basic function and accessories; the brand will be extended to new categories, including Infant. This will be the case for the Vip Girls as well: they will reach the points of sale in the Fashion Doll version, accompanied by their dogs, the Vip Pets. But in 2023 IMC has begun looking at the male universe, at last entering a rather unknown territory as far as the company is concerned, by launching a new collectable line, Metazells, in March, and a second selection of characters, vehicles and playsets in the second half of the year”.

In the Games category, the Play Fun brand will offer two new games, Camera Escape and Tornado Force, while keeping its bestselling Truth Detector in the catalogue.