A brand meeting all the consumers’ needs

InnoGIO is an emerging Polish brand, booming also in foreign markets. It has subsidiaries in Italy and Spain and numerous distributors throughout Europe.
“Our goal is to provide consumers with innovative, high-quality products that meet all their needs”, says Stefano Biondolillo, Sales Manager (Italy). “Our products are exceptional thanks to their ability to be innovative and the precision with which they are made. InnoGIO is a business partner that perfectly understands the needs of the market and of its customers, of all ages. We are now present in the shops of the main nursery, toys and pharma retailers and constantly very committed and supportive with our business partners. Collaboration with customers is very important to us”.

The company offers products in six different categories. “Children: includes cuddly plush, soft night lights and silicone tableware, made of food-safe, non-toxic, odorless and BPA-free silicone material”, explains Biondolillo. “Oral Hygiene: a line of lighted brushes with silicone handle and interchangeable heads. Home: a project of maximum comfort for the family, with humidifiers and diffusers of essences with lighting, carefully designed and easy to use. Beauty: innovative sonic devices, GIOperfect line, for facial skin care, in addition to GIOfrozen, a mini fridge for cosmetics with heating and cooling option and the new line of lighted mirrors for beauty. Medical: electromedical devices, tested and clinically certified, including aerosol nebulizers, no contact and digital thermometers. Mum: the new line which today includes different devices intended for daily use by mothers and children such as double and single electric breast pump, wireless breast pump, bottle warmer, towel warmer”.