Electric vehicles and nursery products

Neulabs is the first platform in Italy that buys, creates and develops Direct-To-Consumer brands at an international level, at present supporting three projects through digital marketing, technology and operations expertise.Baby Car is the Italian leader in the sales of electric vehicles for children, by number of vehicles owned in stock, B2B customers and private customers. BabyCar products are characterized by maximum strength and reliability and meet very high standards as well as the European regulations. Each vehicle goes through a cycle of 30 checks, carried out by specialized technicians, before being put on the market. “This year we introduce the absolute novelties of Ferrari, Bentley and Aprilia, as well as Dodge Police, BMW X6M and Q5, and the Audi RS e- Tron GT. Ideal for children aged 1 to 7, they are precise reproductions of the models driven by adults”, explains Giacomo Rossetti, BabyCar General Manager.

Zanclem is the brand for parents and children with an active lifestyle and always on-the-move, at the forefront in the design of strollers and accessories that are ideal for every stage of the children’s growth. Annaclaudia Cherubin, Business Manager of the brand, says: “We have started an important path of designing and creating practical, comfortable and fun products that guarantee safety and comfort for children, without forgetting the needs of parents. All the products combine cutting-edge design and functional features”.

Mimuselina, a Spanish brand specialized in the creation of high-quality childcare products, was born in 2013 from the idea of new mum Patricia Roman. The name literally means “my muslin” and refers to that very light and versatile fabric with an absorbent and breathable capacity, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Today Mimuselina offers in addition to its flagship product, muslins, also changing tables, blankets, reducers for cradles, toiletry bags and much more; there are over 150 items in the catalogue. “We are working to enhance the retail presence, online and offline, and we also expect the D2C launch on the Italian market by the end of the year, with a multilingual platform to sell throughout Europe”, says Annaclaudia Cherubin, Business Manager of Mimuselina.