High quality model vehicles addressing the market demand

In 2023 NewRay, a model vehicles specialist, will continue focusing on the offer of a reliable, high quality and – most of all – safe product.
Thanks to our efficient sales force we will try to guarantee, as ever, special attention to our customers’ satisfaction through a distribution service that delivers the goods on time and consistently with their supplying needs”, says Alan Dondoni, NewRay Italy General Manager.
In the light of the problems we met the previous year, in the last few months we have taken care of procuring huge quantities of goods in order to guarantee a reliable product availability for all our lines, and specially for the most requested SKUs. In 2023 our product lines will be preserved – and some of them extended – and the evergreen products will be refreshed. We have modified all the packagings of the 1:12 scale motorcycles in order to improve the articles’ visibility on the shelf and to better protect the product during transportation. We have switched to a kind of packing that aims at removing the previous internal mountings so that the least possible waste is produced, complying with the environmental sustainability standards”.

The Volvo and motorcycles lines – the latter segmented in different scales, from 1:12 to 1:10 and 1:6 – will be extended by new entries in 2023: “As regards the Volvo line, playsets with new models of escavators in the 1:18 scale will be introduced in the market in the second half of the year. As to the motorcycles, we plan the launch of new cross-country models in the various scales we develop, branded KTM, Yamaha, Husquarna e Gas Gas”, anticipates Dondoni. “The product lines registering the highest positive feedback from our Italian customers are the two-wheeled proposals and the law-enforcement vehicles. Often, however, the demand does not focus on the line but crosses the product families instead, dwelling upon the choice of products linked to the national and European brands we cooperate with”.