“Made in Italy” and specialization

Okbaby, one of the historic companies based at Telgate near Bergamo, hub of the Italian manufacturing of nursery products, has focused on “made in Italy” since over 47 years ago.
“We continue manufacturing in our own factory even if it is ever more challenging, due to price increases in raw materials and energy”, confirms Elena Erli, domestic sales manager. “Another aspect distinguishing us is that we have specialized in the sectors of baby bath, hygiene and bike seats, which we defend in the best possible way notwithstanding the competition we face”.

The company constantly updates its offer: “Among the new products, there is wide acceptance for the Bella baby bath with its bespoke stand, foldable in minimum space”, says Erli. “Legs can be removed, so it is ideal for travel and for shipment in case of an online purchase. We have also renewed the colours according to fashion’s present trends and we have introduced our first eco-friendly line with 98% recycled plastic: it includes the Onda Baby Eco baby bath, the Pashà Eco potty and the Ergo Eco WCD adaptor”.