Safety, comfort and cleanliness in the baby’s room

Picci, a company based in Florence that was established in 1970, offers a catalogue –made up of two brands, Picci and Dili Best Natural – which covers the whole world of the children’s room and relevant accessories, standing out for the assortment’s high quality.
Picci has always proposed unique articles”, says Diletta Martigli (picture), Co-Owner. “We are mainly focused on research into materials and on safety. We try to let the mothers learn how and, most of all, where our products are manufactured. We employ certified raw materials coming from traceable supply chains in every stage of the production cycle. Dili Best Natural offers only products made from natural raw materials”.

The company’s care of the newborn’s and infant’s safety and comfort is of paramount importance, reaffirms Martigli. “Mums nowadays receive information mostly via the Internet, where however there is confusion between certified and uncertified sources. Through its site and through videos, posts and communication activities, Picci undertakes to provide mothers with assistance and explanations. We have always employed antisuffocation paddings, 100% cotton and, lately, much bamboo. For all the articles lining the cot we guarantee safety, traspirability, hygiene and cleanliness, especially as regards the products which come into contact with the newborn baby’s mouth and breathing, such as perimeter bumper sets, reducers and so on”.