Focus on a fair quality-price ratio

Global leader for costumes and dressing-up items, Rubie’s, which was established in the United States more than 70 years ago, reaches the whole world through local branches or distributors.
“At present, in Italy our proposal is well known mainly thanks to the licensed products; however, over the next few years our strategy will focus on widening the range of the unbranded dressing-up items, since our know-how as regards these lines is unequalled in the world”, says Barbara Bergonzoni (picture), Managing Director at Rubie’s Italy. “In the light of the market conditions we have been facing during the last two years – sky-high freights, unfavourable exchange rates, rising costs of the raw materials – the challenge recently has concerned trying to maintain a fair quality-price ratio of our products. Arguably, at the moment we are the most competitive company in the costumes category from this point of view”.

The Italian market has showed special interest in some licensed themes: “Our proposal in Italy is in fact based on a number of licensed products boasting great impact in the dressing-up world”, explains Bergonzoni. “I might mention Spider-Man, Marvel Comics, DC Superheroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, just to name a few. For each of these licences, our company offers at least 5-6 price points in order to address every sales channel and customer. This probably is one of our main strengths”.