Sustainable production solutions

The Venturelli company, a plush specialist, has been operating on the Italian market for over 60 years.
“Even if around the mid-Eighties we changed from manufacturers to importers, we have always maintained a ‘craftmanship’ style for all our collections”, says Anna Venturelli, owner (in the picture). “Quality, safety, service and care for the customers are our main assets and they have made us stand out during all these years”.
Among various new lines, a special place is taken by Play Eco! Play Green!, a sustainable plush collection 100 per cent made of recycled plastic bottles and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. GRS is an international voluntary product standard which sets the requirements for third-party certification of the recycled contents, of the chain of custody, of the social and environmental issues management and of the restrictions on the use of chemical substances. “Our challenge is adopting sustainable production solutions which are necessary in order to actively contribute to the development of the future generations’ awareness of crucial issues such as the protection and care for our planet”, explains Venturelli. “From this activity of ours the collaboration with OGYRE, a B-Corp startup which is engaged in cleaning the Ocean from plastic through the involvement of a fishermen’s fleet, has also been born”.