Catering for the needs of ever more demanding consumers

The Beberoyal retail group was born in 2005 as a necessary action by some independent points of sales which united because they had common values such as quality, service, excellence.
Initially the consortium was composed of about ten nursery products stores which shared the enthusiasm in managing their enterprises and also the same difficulties.
As time went by it appeared clearly how deep-rooted their activities, often handed on from family to family, were, and how strong that entrepreneurial model, based not on big numbers but on care for people could prove.
Due to a natural growth, at present the group is made up of more than 75 points of sales and represents a unique set-up in Italy.

Distinguishing us is the ability to look beyond earnings in order to offer people the best product in relation to their needs: this consulting activity requires that we keep studying, stay up-to-date and choose the articles to be exhibited in our shops with great diligence”, says Raffaele Romanò, the group’s President.
This way, Consorzio Beberoyal has become the leading point of reference for nursery hardware and software in Italy. It has been a long and severe process. We never let us be tempted by pricing policies; we have instead remained firm in opting for the values of quality and safety, only relying on partners of the highest level. Such approach has involved financial sacrifices sometimes but turned out to be winning in the long run: the group imposed itself for its quality. Families who choose us know they will find top service in our stores. Mum knows she will receive constant and sure assistance well beyond purchase. In fact, in our points of sale we often arrange before and after pregnancy meetings, first aid and breathing airways unblocking courses, prebirth and breastfeeding courses”.

During the last two tricky years further developments have made consumers highly demanding as to the shop services.
Mums apply to the stores in order to receive precise and detailed advice on the purchases they want to make: only if the sales staff is extremely competent on the products’ features and always up-to-date on new articles and technical issues the expectations of very exacting customers can be met”, states Romanò.

Beberoyal’s staff is provided with constant and careful training in order to be able to give correct advice. Our customers have moved their focus from price to quality: ever more, purchases are driven by the aspects of comfort, design and ergonomics, with special attention to the products’ sustainability. Through the pandemic we have observed a remarkable increase of e-commerce purchases: response times, customer care quality and highly reliable logistic services are ever more important online as well”.