The distributor as a link between manufacturer and retail

Diido, established in 2011, was born as a distributing start-up in the baby care products business. The company was founded by Edoardo Tessari and Simona Giuliani, both with previous experience in the sector. Diido is based at Lonigo, near Vicenza, where office and logistics are situated. Since it is a “service company”, the assets focus on the marketing, promotion, formation, communication and after-sales assistance activities. The owners are assisted by 6 members of the staff, taking care of sales, administration and logistics; the sales force is made up of 7 agents, 3 of them organized as direct representatives. The company avails itself of a dedicated freelance Service & Sales Manager and an external baby wearing consultant deals with the B2B/B2C formation for the baby carrier category. Web and PR Agency are outsourced services.

“The portfolio consists of five brands from Germany, USA and Hong Kong: Britax-Römer (baby car seats, baby strollers), Ergobaby & Tula (baby carriers, baby strollers), Lässig (feeding, textile, bags), Bombol (bouncers, boosters, sanitizers),” say Giuliani and Tessari. “Inside the respective categories we believe every one of them is positioned as a leading brand, while if considered by an ABC analysis based on turnover value we find Britax-Römer at Number One, followed by Ergobaby & Tula and Lässig, The main products are: Advansafix i-Size Atlantic Green, OmniBreeze Pink Quartz carrier, Goldie Up Black backpack, Bombol Pebble Grey bouncer.”

Since the start of the Diido project we intended to generate real value, to play a definite role on the market: supplying service and avoiding resistances between manufacturer and retail”, Giuliani and Tessari point out. “We want to be a link between the two sides and offer companies which have decided not to be directly present in our country the opportunity to hold a dialogue with the distribution channel and the consumer. This is how we see the distributor’s task. Homogeneous positioning, products with high technical and emotional contents, and most of all specialist companies, with specific competence in their category, rather than generic manufacturers. Companies that are able to constantly follow their product development course and that we wish to accompany in their proposal giving depth of range”.

As to assisting retailers, Diido aims at establishing a direct, as nimble as possible, link among company, agents and stores in order to achieve an easier and faster access to all the information and the after-sales services. Product training, shared social activities, events, influencers are some of the drivers used for the brand promotion.