Four catalogs of products for children

Well-established French brand Djeco, launched in Paris over 60 years ago, is at present managed by one of the founder’s sons.
Over time there have been several developments and among them a real turning point was, around 2005, the start of a cooperation with artists, mainly illustrators of children’s books: at the moment they are more than 100, from all over the world, and the company’s professional partnership with them provides an important contribution in terms of aesthetics and playability.

«Djeco proposes four catalogs: games, toys and puzzles; arts and crafts; children’s accessories and pieces of furniture; stationery, which is a recent addition», explains Roberto Sackett, who has been representing the company’s product lines in Italy over the last 14 years.

«In the Italian market most of the turnover comes from the largest catalog (Toys and Games) and from Arts and Crafts, and the rest from the Little Big Room and Lovely Paper lines. Every year Djeco introduces 200-250 new items altogether, assuring a constant update of its offer».