Wide assortment, quality and service 

The promoting partners of dV Games, founded in 2001 in Perugia, are board games fans and young entrepreneurs who spotted, in a still immature market, the potential for a strong global growth of the sector. Following the initial commercial achievements, dV Games has become part of a wide network of international companies, distributing its own games worldwide and receiving important awards in Italy and abroad.

In 2020 dVGames acquired Milan-based Ghenos Games, a very experienced games publisher, so positioning itself as a leading Italian player in its business.

The best-known product of the dV Games catalogue is BANG!, the most famous Western-themed card game in the world”, says Barbara Rol (picture), marketing and communication manager. “BANG! sold over 2 million copies and its extended publishing line includes expansions and spin-offs. Deckscape, a board Escape Room collection, was another milestone in the brand’s production: with sales of over 1 million copies, now it consists of 9 items; the tenth is due in the first quarter of 2022. At the end of 2021 dV Games issued the long-awaited Wonder Book, the first board game ever with interactive pop-ups substituting the game board. At present there are 16 localized versions and distribution agreements in 26 countries worldwide”.

According to Rol, notwithstanding a remarkable growth in the demand of board games, in the years 2020 and 2021 many problems emerged, in connection with the global supply and logistics crises: “Out of stock products were a leitmotiv lately. However, the performances of the dV Games- and Ghenos Games-branded items registered a substantial increase. The Italian market keeps growing intensively as regards both the specialist games and the educational games addressed to schoolchildren and preschoolers. Growth also extended to party games and to products intended for kids and adults who are not usual players; the latter market sector proved to be the most expanding one.