A careful selection of creative and educational toys

FunLab was born in Milan in 2010; its mission: to identify and select the best international products able to satisfy the Italian children’s own creative, educational and developmental needs, taking into consideration not only their special characteristics but also emerging issues such as care for the environment and sustainability. That goal is matched by the intense activity of adapting contents and play value of all the products distributed by FunLab to the Italian market’s peculiarities.
Our diligence resulted in a selection which has been growing in time, adding original, innovative and quality toys which are going to assist the growth of the future generation”, say Donatella Girardini and Alison Smith, FunLab’s founders.

Supporting the company’s mission, FunLab has its own Website and a popularizing community blog where creative and educational tutorials and a recycling project for children and kids are shared. FunLab can also be reached on Instagram and Facebook.

At present, the FunLab family of brands includes Make It Real (craft kits), Nikko Toys (vehicles and models), 4M (STEAM educational games), Erzi (wooden toys), Lena (vehicles and models), Maped Creativ (creative games), Bonikka (handmade cotton dolls). The company distributes the Jolly Phonics books too.