“Made in Italy” games that train the mind

Since it was established, 5 years ago, Headu’s mission has been letting people play using fun tools that are able to train the mind by mixing entertainment and education; in order to achieve such aim, the company develops high-level editorial products, engaging in their industrialization and employing innovative marketing plans, skills in reaching the international markets and suitable communication competences. Three pillars support the company: Headu, the brand reserved for games that follow Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences; Ecoplay, for sustainable educational games; Ludic, devoted to games for active minds, from 8-10 years of age on. Both addressing the 0-10 age range, Headu specializes in the production of games promoting the development of basic competences in the age of development through different channels of intelligence, while since 2020 Ecoplay – more oriented to the preschool range – has been offering games manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials.
As regards the products distributed under the Headu brand, Franco Lisciani, Chairman & General Manager, explains: “These games are designed to develop the multiple intelligences. The initial concept is that we do not deal with a single kind of intelligence; on the contrary, the baby at birth has its own peculiar combination of potential biological intelligences. Precociously monitoring the combination’s features allows the educator to better exploit and improve the child’s biological intelligences and to provide him/her with ever more proper educational programmes”.

Manufactured in Italy with quality and long-lasting materials (wood, cardboard, fabrics…), Headu games are developed by a Research Centre which avails itself of important collaborations with pedagogists and educators and in many cases are linked with digital applications aiming at improving play value and approach to the various competences.

In Italy we have registered constant growth in the toy, book and nursery products distribution channels, both in independent stores and in chains, thanks to favourable price-quality ratio and to high marginalization”, reports Gian Maurizio Basciano, Director of Sales.In the meantime we have imposed ourselves abroad reaching 60 countries, including all the European markets, with our lines”