From Barcelona, strong brands aim to conquer Italy

IMC Toys has rapidly become one of the leading companies in the Italian toy market, where it debuted in 2015. Well established thanks to strong, ever more renowned and appreciated brands, to quality contents supporting them and to constant innovation, IMC has its headquarters in Barcelona, where the products are invented and designed in order to be sold in 50 countries worldwide.
Among the company’s lines, Cry Babies, dolls who shed real tears, stand out. Together with Cry Babies Magic Tears, their collectable miniversion, thanks to the TV series, to constant developments and to a 360-degree marketing support, they represent IMC’s top range. In the collectable category, VIP Pets, supercool little dogs with exceptionally long hair which allows creating countless looks, are remarkable too. As to bath toys, Bloopies are the only dolls which make the bath fun. Both VIP Pets and Bloopies have their own 3D animated series and are supported by well-constructed marketing plans. Another successful product is Truth Detector, a family game by the Play Fun brand.

“All these products will be joined in 2022 by two new introductions, which are very meaningful for IMC both strategically and as concerns the investments involved”, announces Luca Di Puorto, Marketing Manager (Italy). “One of them launches a totally new and rather challenging category for the company, Fashion Dolls. The brand’s name is BFF by Cry Babies: in fact, Cry Babies have grown up and become trendy teenagers, with different interests and personalities; to be collected, all of them! The line will be supported by a massive marketing plan, based on an animated series available through Kitoons and TV, an extensive TV and digital campaign and trade and consumer activities and events. The other one, belonging to the preschool category, features the Loopers Hammies, small collectable hamsters that run – and make 360-degree turns! – on flexible and modular tracks”.

Thanks to a constant growth, the Italian toy market has become one of the most important for IMC: “The company is now ranked at No. 13 among the top manufacturers in Italy and achieved a 1 per cent increase in a difficult year like 2021”, says Di Puorto quoting NPD data. “Mostly, such results must be ascribed to Cry Babies, the best-selling toy in Italy in 2021, while VIP Pets were the best-selling item in the Playset Dolls & Collectibles category. The Truth Detector sold over 46,000 units in 2021, placing itself among the best-selling board games in Italy. Our aim is to keep growing and to be seen as a point of reference in the Italian toy market, by strengthening our brands, investing on them and adding attractive new products, right on target, besides introducing new lines”.