Outstanding design for the children’s exercise

On the market for almost 40 years, Italtrike keeps on manufacturing in Italy: a choice that was made right from the start and has been always confirmed, to be seen not as narrow-mindedness or isolation but as proof of the opportunity to produce toys in Italy and export them to the world. The company, based at Pieve del Grappa near Treviso, actually exports 92% of its ride-ons, tricycles, bicycles and wheeled vehicles for children reaching over 50 countries (Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, China). Italtrike’s products are designed to stimulate children to exercise and to assist their growth, especially if they live in urban environments with limited chances to engage in physical activity; some ride-ons and balance bikes can in fact be used inside the house as well.

Introduced as a prototype in 2020 and launched early this year, Flurry, designed in order to tackle the issue of the children’s psychomotor development, is an interactive digital tricycle: it encourages motion and coordination through the display mounted on the handlebar, showing a game which interacts with the way of pedalling, the steering and the body movements”, announces Stefano Gandolfi, the company founder. “It addresses the professional sphere of psychomotility and rehabilitation. We resorted to digital aiming at the creation of fun games provided with educational values thanks to the participation of Barbara Franco, educationist and publisher of textbooks”.

We are deeply engaged in sustainability: by introducing our Bravo Box we took plastic out of the toy packings replacing it with recycled and recyclable paper fibre”, Gandolfi says. “Furthermore, for the product manufacturing we are making use of more sustainable materials, such as recycled and reconditioned plastics, certified according to the EN71 toy standards (Part 3, Chemicals). An iconic product of ours, La Cosa in the Pyjamas version, is now manufactured with 30% reconditioned plastic and with a decorative felt totally derived from the reuse of PET plastic mineral water bottles (a very interesting material, produced in Italy). We are experimenting with other materials too because our ambitious goal is reaching zero CO2 emissions in 2030. We had our 2020 system LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) evaluated by the University of Siena: that is the amount of equivalent CO2 emissions generated by all the company’s activities during that year, the number that we shall have to bring to zero by 2030”.

For its outstanding Italian design, Italtrike was chosen by ADI Index for four consecutive years since 2018 and in 2020 took part in Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compasses) with the Ginetta ride-on; at the Dubai Expo in 2020 it was present in the Italia Geniale (Ingenious Italy) area.