Nursery products and preschool toys from Spain

Founded over 60 years ago, Miniland is based at Onil (Alicante) in the so-called “Valley of the Dolls”, hub of the Spanish toy manufacturing. After the initial offer of toy accessories, the company started producing educational toys, mainly intended to be employed in schools for 3 to 6-years-old children; later – about 20 years ago – it extended the range to nursery products (0-3-years). In Italy, where it operates its own sales force, Miniland is known among consumers especially with the latter product line. Following the domestic one, the most important markets for the company are Italy and France. Miniland products are designed to help parents and teachers support the child’s growth and development.

Our main focus is on high quality articles for the child’s feeding, from bottle warmers to be used right after birth to cases, thermos flasks and other accessories for feeding the baby at home and outdoors”, says Penélope Ferre Vicedo, Chief Commercial Officer.
Our range includes technical electric products such as baby monitors and other baby care items like humidifiers and thermometers; we always try to add new useful features to these products. The last few years we have put more attention to design. The toy lines are devoted to the child’s development through learning according to the curricula: the first elements of mathematics, shapes, colours; from kindergartens they migrate ever more inside the homes because of the parents’ increasing interest in educational toys like ours, inspired to methods such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Besides, we are adding eco-friendly contents to our toys (bioplastics, certified wood), 80 per cent of which are manufactured in Spain. Inside the company we have a 360-degree sustainability project covering all our activities”.

Lately, Miniland has paid attention to emotional intelligence and inclusion as well: the Dolls of the World collection, representing the planet’s various peoples, has been highly successful and last year the Baby Dolls with Down Syndrome were launched, receiving top awards.

In general, innovation – not just technological – is one of the fundamental premises of product development”, Ferre specifies. “A proprietary app of ours links several nursery products and other apps, as well as augmented reality, are employed for some toy lines. However, we consider the introduction of new doll concepts as innovation too”.