Dolls of wonderful craftsmanship

45 years ago in Castalla, close to Alicante in one of Spain’s prime doll-making regions, El Valle del Juguete (Toy Valley), José Antonio Arias and Luisa Martinez put a brilliant idea into action: creating joy in the form of dolls. Their idea lives on thanks to the determination of his children to continue something that is not just a profession: it is tradition. The company relies on the hands of the best craftspeople who are specialised in the art of toymaking.
They think of each doll they make as not just a toy, but as a playmate that can encourage learning from multiple perspectives”, says Donatella Papetta, owner of Top Company which represents Muñecas Arias in Italy. “Let’s not forget that dolls are a classic toy that has been around for centuries and have been childhood companions for many generations. A traditional toy that assists children in developing many different facets, such as love for others, empathy and imagination. Dolls act as an emotional link between children and their surroundings. They serve as a basic element that helps children be more tolerant and respectful of others. Children can use them as a means of communication to express their feelings and needs. They also encourage the correct use of language and give children free rein to use their creativity. They also promote equality, because both girls and boys can play with them and mums and dads can take part too, enjoying quality family time and making precious memories”.

Muñecas Arias offers a wide range of dolls and accessories including prams, strollers and wooden forniture for dolls. From the Elegance collection to the refined Reborns line through the real weight newborn items, dolls definitely are the company’s outstanding proposal.

The Arias collection is renewed every year thanks to the creative efforts of the style and design team and always is perfectly trendy as to colours, fabrics and coordination”, observes Papetta. “Muñecas Arias’ taste is very similar to the Italian one and details are taken care of with an almost maniacal attitude making the company’s products immediately recognizable in the market. Last but not least, from the commercial point of view thanks to the coupling of quality and competitiveness the consumer can easily access Arias’ products even if positioned in the mid-high range, since they are really worth their price”.