46 years of devotion to “Made in Italy”

Boasting 46 years of Italian dedication, Okbaby is – and always has been – a family business. All products are designed through experience and hard work and manufactured inside the company which, based in Telgate, near Bergamo, proudly brings high quality articles for newborns and children inside the mums’ homes. From 1976 to the present day Okbaby specializes in plastic moulding and baby bath and hygiene (mainly tubs and potties) represent its core business; another important line is child bike seats, that the company is among a few to produce in Italy and that become a highly valuable sales factor in the Spring-Summer period. During all these years, Italian consumers have shown to appreciate the company’s proposals and their quality and practicality, even in a strongly competitive market.

At the beginning of 2022 we have designed and manufactured the new Bella, an ergonomic baby bath with double position (0-6, 6-12 months), enveloping the child in order to assure his/her maximum comfort”, says Elena Erli, national sales manager. “This tub’s peculiarity resides in the possibility of employing a bespoke stand, easy to move and to put away as it is handy, compact and foldable. Legs can be removed and it takes little space, so that it is ideal for travel and for shipment in case of an online purchase. For Bella we have renewed the colours according to fashion’s present trends. Our customers have been favourably impressed by the balance obtained among “Made in Italy” contents, quality and price. Last year tubs were the line in highest demand, while bike seats registered an increase in sales after the lockdown”.

Like other companies, Okbaby was affected by the cancellation or reduction of the sectors’ trade fairs: “Luckily, however, in 2022 customers can be contacted with a number of devices which were not available once, so that presentation of new products can be made anyway”, notes Erli. “What we missed is the contact, the direct relationship. For us trade fairs, and mainly the Cologne exhibition, have always been an opportunity to meet our international customers and most of all to get in touch with new ones, something that unfortunately has not happened the last two years. Toys Milano/Bay-B will allow us to see the Italian customers: it is the right recipe since it offers reasonable costs and a two-day duration which seems to fit our needs”.