All that’s needed for the children’s room, and more

As a manufacturing company of baby care articles Picci was established in 1970 by Paola Cherubini, soon supported by her husband, Mario Martigli; in the early Eighties it had already become a leading player in the nursery products business thanks to its production of accessories – mainly textiles – for the children’s bedroom, later adding wooden articles. For a few years, in cooperation with the Enrico Coveri fashion firm Picci marketed coordinated collections including prams, baby bouncers, playpens. The line was suspended following the stylist’s death in 1990 and was replaced through the launch of the Dili Best brand, consisting of collections designed by Diletta Martigli, daughter of the founders, who at present manages the company together with her brother Pier Francesco. In different periods Picci also acted as Italian distributor of foreign product lines.

The Picci brand has a very wide catalogue embracing the whole environment of the children’s bedroom and of the relevant accessories, from simple, self-coloured articles to complex, embroidered ones, and – since 2018 – to the proposal of Montessori products”, says Diletta Martigli. “Meanwhile, the Dili Best brand has changed into Dili Best Natural and is now totally devoted to natural, bio and eco-friendly articles, besides broadening its horizons towards children’s wear. At Bay-B we will exhibit the latest Dili Best collection made up of two children’s bedrooms and of the baby clothing line, all of it in natural materials and trendy hues”.

Picci always operated satisfactorily on foreign markets, counting on loyal customers and on new contacts adding year by year: “Since the beginning of the pandemic our foreign trade has almost come to a halt”, Diletta Martigli reports. “We had to reorganize ourselves in order to assist our foreign customers directly and as we started getting in touch with all of them again the outbreak of the war caused the shutdown of the Eastern European markets. However, we continue having positive feedback in various countries of Europe and Middle East. 2021 was a year of growth, 2022 had started well but the widespread rise in costs (wood included) is a real worry”.