Innovative products in step with the times

Since 1977 Selegiochi has been importing and distributing in Italy a vast assortment of toys selected among the most renowned manufacturers and brands, to be put on the shelves of qualified retailers. Selegiochi offers top quality toys and games following inalienable principles, and first of all the idea that play is the first and very important activity of the child, point of contact with the environment that surrounds him/her. Thanks to the constant cooperation with leading manufacturers, Selegiochi can propose brands and products coming from a large number of countries worldwide, all of them carefully selected according to their functions, their sales potential in an ever evolving market and their quality, all of them always complying with the strictest safety standards.

Elisabetta Arosio, Marketing Manager, points out: “We distribute more than 15 brands which stand out in the international toy business; among them Schleich, Micro, Galt, Lalaboom, Bioviva, Classic World, Oppi and John Deere, and the new entries, Cayro and Fisher-Price. Our selection aims at covering all market segments, from toy shops to bookstores, from garden centres to pet toys, from e-commerce sites to nursery products shops, from sport article stores to a few select mass market chains, from museums to amusement parks. The assortment of our Slow Toys catalogue includes products of utmost quality, carefully selected in order to accompany the child in all stages of growth, in order to stimulate his/her creativity through imagination, curiosity and discovery”.

The times we are living ask for great attention in building a toy company’s offer: “Working in a constantly evolving and changing market, a company must be able to keep up with the times and shape its product offer so that it meets the needs and attitudes of parents and kids”, says Arosio. “Innovative, quality products that can assure unique play experience and value, that can create deep emotions which will remain an indelible memory of childhood and of a child’s growth stages”.