Toys for the kids’ growth and creativity

Toynamics Italy SRL, a group which is part of Toynamics Europe, is a manufacturer and multibrand distributor over the Italian territory through a range of high quality brands and products. In the Toynamics universe, everything revolves round kids’ toys: Hape, founded in 1996, is the group’s main brand and world leader in the production of wooden toys employing renewable resources. Hape supports the children’s growth with great enthusiasm thanks to its infant and preschool articles, role playing and learning games, products which aid the development of fine motor skills, puzzles, bath toys, ride-ons, musical, scientific and outdoor articles.
Toynamics Italia SRL also distributes Baby Einstein which, since it was launched, aims at stirring up the parents’ curiosity by supplying them with the ideal tools and educational toys in order to create a stimulating environment for their kids, and Nebulous Stars & Dinosart, Canadian brands which specialize in Arts & Crafts, gifts, cosmetics and stationery as well as activity books, encouraging not only creativity but also calming practices of relaxation and self-esteem. Toynamics’ range of proposals also includes Käthe Kruse and Kruselings, which boast one hundred years of experience in the production of handmade dolls and relevant accessories; Beleduc, devoted to the development of long lasting learning toys, based on a high educational standard and addressed to kindergartens and primary schools too; Trido, featuring magnetic art inspired by the Platonic Solids which challenges the children’s (and adults’) creativity by offering an infinite number of combinations; TIMIO, which is more than a simple learning toy for kids as it consists of a multilingual interactive screen-free audio and music player, helping children 2 and above to concentrate and expand their vocabulary and imagination.

Toynamics and its brands commit themselves to social responsibility, instruction, protection of the environment and innovation: our aim is creating better products, rather than introducing ever more products into the market”, says Alberto Petruzzelli, General Manager.

Therefore, our ranges adhere to the ‘Product’s life cycle’ approach, which implies attention to a sustainable production chain, involving industrial waste water treatment and use of alternative energy sources. Regular tests by independent laboratories and compliance with all global standards are an essential requirement; short transport routes, respect for the environment through lower energy consumption and sustainable package, eco-friendly, reliable and sustainable production processes are important issues for us. We also employ renewable raw materials such as wood, bamboo, WPC and rice, besides water-based paints and recycled packing materials”.