From heart to heart.
A fairytale that grows with you. Since 1954.
Soft toys, dolls, wooden toys.

With an international presence, with Trudi and Sevi brands, Trudi has maintained unchanged over time the values ​​of quality, safety, innovation, design and affectivity that have been fundamental and indispensable characteristics of its collections for over 65 years.
Trudi‘s story is the story of a world of emotions. Creative development, research and quality are at the heart of all Trudi’s creations and awaken in the consumer that amazement that is in the soul of children, which has always been at the center of the Italian brand’s mission. In fact, there is a particular link between the Trudi product and the consumer, a special emotional affection that comes from the heart and is based on reliability.
Playing is a “very serious job”, Trudi and Sevi know’s it.
For this reason, they have always worked to convey emotions and feelings through their products, putting quality and safety at the service of emotions in compliance with ethical values ​​that protect the child, preserve their safety and their right to be a child.



The company was born in Tarcento (Udine), in 1954 from the passion of Trudi Müller Patriarca for her tender teddy bears that she loved to sew personally for her family: in a short time, what seemed like a fairy tale from the past turns into a real business success story.
Trudi is fun, love, happiness, complicity and tenderness. Even today everything comes from a design. Even before it gives an idea. Become a pattern. The seamstresses sew the dream, by hand. This is how the Trudi soft toys were born

The first successes – Trudi becomes synonymous of quality soft toys.

Years of growth and the first market successes followed. The quality, the design, the tenderness, and the attention to detail that come out of the Tarcento laboratory conquer the Italian market: a real “Trudi style” is imposed.
Today Trudi is present in the best multi-brand stores, in specialized children’s and early childhood shops, in kids’ clothing stores, in the galleries of shopping centers, in the main world department stores.

SEVI – games and wooden decorations.

In 1998 Trudi acquired SEVI, a company whose history is contained in its name, which combines the initials of the founder’s son (Senoner Vinzenz): it was in fact 1831 when the young artisan of carving and inlaying, Josef Anton Senoner, founded in Ortisei, in Val Gardena, the oldest wooden games company in Europe.
Its history spans two centuries, in which the company has kept its values ​​intact: the craftsmanship of wood, the lively creativity of its collections, attention to the quality of products combined with imagination and creativity.