The successful plush line in recycled plastics

Anna Venturelli, owner, sums up over 60 years in the toy business this way: “Thanks to its history our company, founded by my parents, is representative of some of the market’s most important evolutions. Around the mid-Eighties our production, up to then totally inside the company, was moved to China. Our well-established manufacturing experience allowed us to maintain and strengthen the outstanding ‘made in Italy’ features, in terms of quality and design, that had always distinguished our products”.

The sustainability issue is deeply felt by the company: “This year the range of the Play Eco! Play Green! line, the new plush collection made from recycled plastics, has been enlarged”, says Venturelli. “It has been extended from the first items to the new small and big cats, koalas and pandas in various sizes. Also new is the possibility of personalizing the self-stand displays and, most of all, of offering the packaged product in counter display units. We introduced this line last year in time for the Christmas season and the message it brings was received and appreciated so positively that we were encouraged to develop it further. All these products are 100 per cent made of recycled plastic bottles and are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified: GRS is an international voluntary product standard which sets the requirements for third-party certification of the recycled contents, of the chain of custody, of the social and environmental issues management and of the restrictions on the use of chemical substances. The reason why we have chosen to follow this path is highlighted by the words of the Lebanese thinker and economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb: ‘We build toys, and some of these toys change the world’. We want them to change it for the better”.

In the company’s catalogue there is wide room for infant products: “We offer indeed a remarkable variety of articles, mainly divided into two lines: Zerotre and Color. The former, only available in pink and blue, addresses the early months after birth and the packaging – single box with display – is a smart gift idea. The Color line, sharp and rich in accessories, is designed to attract the little ones through the colours and the sensory stimulations generated by the different textures, by the sounds and by the ergonomics of the products.